Espresso yourself.

Lipstick Stain… and Coffee

Occasionally, I’m struck by a moment of genius: a tiny piece of stardust lodges itself in my brain in just the right way at just the right time and “VIOLA!” an idea is born. The morning prep time of May 8th of 2017 was such a moment. As I settled into my classroom, I took a sip out of my brand new bright yellow RTIC tumbler (a early birthday gift from one of my favorite humans) and looked down to see a perfect, colorful lipstick stain. I snapped a picture, sent it to that particular human, and posted it to my Instagram with the caption “Lipstick stains and coffee. That about sums up my whole life.”

And so it was that Lipstick Stains and Coffee was born.

When all else fails, make a silly face and get on with your day.
The photo you see above was taken approximately 30 seconds after the one at the top of the post. That awesome lipstick? Yeah, it was on my cup. That facial expression made my favorite human laugh, which is all that really matters.

Hi, I’m Kristen, the founder of Lipstick Stains and Coffee. I run this site with my best friend: a gorgeous, inspiring, and sometimes infuriating Aries with the mouth of a sailor who always shares her opinions. Her name is Rachel. You’ll get to know her soon enough.

I’m the girl you’ll find hiding away with Netflix and a predictable cop drama (right now, it’s Blue Bloods). They’re the best kind of shows to follow while scrolling on your phone and offer the promise of the good guys winning. We could all use a little more of that. I model my napping habits after my cat, a sassy Ragdoll named Rosie. She naps with me so long as I promise to pretend her dog siblings (teacup chihuahua named Pavlov and a black lab named Harvey) don’t exist.

Here at Lipstick Stains and Coffee we believe in constantly challenging ourselves. On some days, that can be as simple as getting out of bed and adulting (though admittedly, I often find myself wishing I had an “adultier” adult around to help me wing it a little better…). Other days, that can mean completing a third Master’s degree. We’re…. crazy gluttons for punishment tenacious like that. We’ve agreed that some of the best moments of our lives happen just outside our comfort zones.

Have that second, or fifth, cup of coffee.

We’ll even join you.

Welcome to our experiment in beating Murphy’s law.

As will be the tradition here at Lipstick Stains and Coffee, each author, guest or staff, will tell you what’s on their lips and in their cup.

On my lips: Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

In my cup: Starbuck’s Iced White Chocolate Mocha with almond milk, 4 pumps of caramel sauce, 4 pumps of mocha sauce, and extra mocha drizzle.

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Welcome to Lipstick Stains and Coffee, our experiment in beating Murphy's Law. I'm Kristen, the founder of this blog. Today, I run the blog with my best friend, Rachel. However, it didn't start out that way. In fact, I founded this blog over a year before we started frequently posting. It sat dormant for a year, between my fear of going public and my uncertainty of where to go with it. Flash forward to March 2019, when I opened up to my best friend about this secret little oasis I'd carved out but never used. Immediately she jumped on board, we brainstormed a plan, and we got started. Finally, Lipstick Stains and Coffee is a little oasis not only for us, but hopefully for all of our readers. Enjoy that cup of coffee, lovely. You deserve it.

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