When Mine Becomes Ours

Hi, my name is Rachel, and I am a tea drinker. This is not Tea Drinkers Anonymous, because let’s be honest, tea drinkers will never admit they have a problem. We just have boxes and bags of different kinds of leaves that we swear can cure any ailment, real or imaginary. AND YOU MUST TRY THEM ALL! This meme really encapsulates the debate Kristen and I have about this constantly.

And honestly, who doesn’t love rainbow sprinkles?…Oh wait, ME!

I met Kristen in college. Her then boyfriend brought her over to me and my high school best friend and introduced her to us. I immediately said, “You must be our resident gorgeous.” You might think that is the moment we became best friends for life, but in truth it happened months later when we realized our lives mirror each other in a very real way, both good and bad. We call it twinning, and you’ll come to see it over time as well.

Kristen is our resident gorgeous, and I’m the resident cute.

Let me tell you some of the important bits. I am the girl you’ll find nestled under a tree in the park with a notebook or holed up in her office clacking her keyboard. I spent more time cuddling my cat than I do my husband, but I spoil him infinitely more. I have the most intelligent, talented, beautiful, and vicious best friend in the world, Kristen.

We are both lived examples of Murphy’s Law. But beyond that, we also hold the belief that with proper preparation we have the chance to break the law. We are here to prove it.

We have no recent photos together. So, you get this old bitstrip that is April Fools’ appropriate.

Kristen is the founder of this blog. We recently reconnected, extending our almost ten-year relationship, and she convinced me to put my love of writing to actual use. We have always planned to start our own empire and hope this is just the beginning.

I hope I’ve at least caught your attention. So as will become our tradition I will tell you my lipstick and tea of the day. You should know, despite the name, I don’t drink coffee…very often.

On my lips: LAQA & CO. Prickly Pear PH Gloss

In my “Yoda Obi-Wan for Me” Mug: Yogi Kava Blend tea

3 thoughts on “When Mine Becomes Ours”

  1. Hi Rachel! Nice to meet you and I enjoyed getting to know you just a bit. I look forward to seeing what poetry you have for us in the coming days and how you and Kristen use this blog.



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