The Police and the Five-Pound Terror

Good evening lipstick wearers and tea sharers! I have quite the tale for you today. You see, last night my back yard was broken into and I had to call the police. My German shepherd first alerted me yesterday while my husband was talking to me on his way home. I told him I had to go investigate.

When I got outside, I saw…a Yorkshire terrier running back and forth across the fence line trying to get out before sticking it’s head through my chain link fence. I’m sure you are wondering how the police got involved. Well, you see, when I tried to remove this poor pup from the fence, it bit me and managed to pierce the skin. I walked barefoot around the neighborhood banging on doors and trying to find its owner, but I had no luck. So I called animal control after hours and was transferred to the police.

In case YOU’VE never had to call the police to tell them you were bitten by a Yorkshire terrier my husband dubiously named the five-pound terror, let me tell you about it. They laughed. Everyone I told this story to, except animal control, laughed. Eventually the puppy was caught and taken away, but she had no collar so I still had to go to urgent care, who laughed. I’m trying not to die from tetanus or rabies and deeply traumatized [sarc].

Because I mentioned her, meet my German shepherd, Nalah.

Th-th-th-th-th-that’s All Folks! You guys, know I’m cheesy by now, right?! I hope I’ve entertained you enough for today. Please leave a like for my pain and suffering, a comment with your own nicknames for the adorable Yorkie, and follow for more stories like this one.

On my lips: JaeLea Cosmetics “Batch 19”

In my cup: Dr. Pepper because it can’t always be tea, though I’ll be brewing my nightly cup soon.

2 thoughts on “The Police and the Five-Pound Terror”

  1. Rachel, I’m glad a small bite is all you ended up with. And I loved you writing from the perspective of the pup lol it made me laugh.

    Kristen, we all want to be loved to to give love. We all have been blinded at one point in our lives, and if they say that good things come to those who wait. What does that mean for things that happen so quickly?

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